I work full-time in the educational publishing industry and in my own time am an independent journalist and researcher. I was the runner-up in the 2018 Thawley Spectator Australia essay competition. That essay as well as two subsequent articles appeared in The Spectator Australia and can be found on this blog. Another aspect of my research is in eighteenth-century studies and, in particular, the Dublin printing scene during the years of Jonathan Swift’s Irish career (see the 18th C Studies page on this blog). I have a background in law. I did my law degree at The University of Adelaide then practised for a few years firstly in Adelaide then in Melbourne. I have also had several years’ experience in the hospitality industry, as a barman, waiter and bottle shop attendant.

I have been living in Melbourne since 1999, way too long. I am a South Australian and will be moving back as soon as my personal circumstances allow.