18th C Studies

I am a researcher of Anglo-Irish print cultures and politics of the early eighteenth century and am currently writing a book concerned with Jonathan Swift. This book will disclose never-before-seen evidence concerning Swift’s treatment of his Dublin printers of the 1720’s. This evidence concerns the circumstances of the death of his printer John Harding in April 1725 as well as Swift’s neglect of Harding’s widow, Sarah, through the years that followed.

My postgraduate thesis on Swift and Anglo-Irish print cultures was published online at Monash University in 2015. This thesis is a much broader discussion of Swift’s working relationships with his Dublin printers through this same period, the 1720’s. It is entitled I am no inconsiderable Shop-Keeper in this Town: Swift and his Dublin Printers of the 1720’s: Edward Waters, John Harding and Sarah Harding, and is accessible here.

The thesis, too, contains a good deal of never-before seen evidence. Since submitting it, however, I have discovered matters that are more significant still. The book I am writing is drawing everything together.