What does China know about MH370?

Australia deserves some credit for its role in the search for MH370. It was a flight connected with the interests of China more than any other country, in that its intended destination was Beijing, it first met with trouble whilst over the militarised South China Sea, and of the 239 passengers and crew who lost their lives, 154 were Chinese nationals. Yet, in the search effort that ended in January 2017, Australia’s financial investment was more than three times that of China’s in addition to Australia committing its own personnel and resources. It was good of Australia to do this. It was not acting under any legal obligation.

Continued on The Spectator Australiahere.

One thought on “What does China know about MH370?

  1. Hi Craig,

    A very timely piece of journalism, considering the MH370 Saga has gone fallen cold and silent for a good period of time now.

    Having followed this story since it’s inception, I fully agree with your indications that the truth has been covered up by a huge international scale effort.

    The official narrative is a hugely problematic document with my gaping holes and deeply insulting to the critical faculties of human thinking.

    Having worked in the aviation industry for over 8 years and being a elected local government rep, my experience tell me the truth is often drowned out by a blitzkrieg of lies and deception.

    Zaharie Shah, also known as Ari was a very professional and highly thought of by his peers. To blame the pilot is an utter monstrosity.

    Very keen to speak on this topic more and rest assured I WILL NOT be silenced in the pursuit of the truth.

    Available on LinkedIn.

    Please let me know.


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